Kaspersky Plus 2 Devices 1Year Windows/Mac/Android/iOS + MOBILE - Mediatech Lb
Kaspersky Plus 2 Devices 1Year Windows/Mac/Android/iOS + MOBILE
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Kaspersky Plus 2 Devices 1 Year Windows/Mac/Android/iOS

Elevate your online world with next-generation security tools on Kaspersky Plus.
  • Advanced security features with anti-phishing and firewall included
  • Performance tools and HDD health monitoring help devices keep up with you
  • Unlimited VPN + Password Manager keep your digital life safe and private

Today, we are very often dependent on our computers, or mobile devices. We use them for work, fun, and communication. In the wrong hands, they may become dangerous not only for us but also for our loved ones. Every day, hundreds of thousands of users become a victim of cybercriminals, due to lack of proper protection.

Kaspersky Plus 2023 is the latest to the date, edition of multi-awarded antivirus software, created and developed by Kaspersky Lab. The company is an expert if it comes to internet security with over 20-years of experience. In 2019, products delivered by Kaspersky Lab took first place in 64 independent tests. Thanks to their security software, you can protect your PC, Mac, or mobile device from various malware, deal with unwanted and potentially harmful emails, prevent data leaks and secure access to your valuable information. Kaspersky Plus 2023 protects yours and your family’s privacy. Years of experience and improvements, together with often updates of the virus base, are excellent protection for your devices.


The code provided by Kaspersky Plus 2023 2 Device 2 Year, protects one of your devices for the whole year. Stop worrying about harmful software and potential cybercrimes. In addition to that, it is worth to mention that Kaspersky Plus 2023 is user-friendly thanks to its intuitive interface. Games enthusiasts will also appreciate the fact that it doesn’t influence the performance of the machine.