Lenovo P320+ Upgraded Headset 3.5mm Wired Control
c Upgraded Headset 3.5mm Wired Control with MIC Headphones
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Lenovo P320+ Upgraded Headset 3.5mm Wired Control with MIC Headphones


superficial and amateur to professional and high-end products. Lenovo P320 Plus Gaming wired headset is one of those professional products of this well-known company.

The special design of the head and cups
Lenovo has considered a special design for the Lenovo P320 plus Gaming headphones. Its earpieces, which are usually the first part that catches the viewer’s eye on the headphones, are large and patterned, and unlike most headsets, they are not flat and one-handed. Of course, this size did not increase its weight. Lenovo P320 plus cup pads are made of memory foam. These foams actually take on the shape of your ears over time while you use them and become personal in a way. This makes the transmission of sound easier. Also, these foams are very light and this has greatly affected the overall weight of the headphones.
The earpiece of this headphone, which helps to be placed on the head, is also made of the same type of foam, and it will not cause your head to get tired during long-term use. This headphone weighs only 165 grams and its dimensions are 170x190x75 mm.

The connection method
is always more reliable and faster than Bluetooth and wireless transmission. Therefore, it is not surprising that the Lenovo P320 Plus professional gaming headphones can be connected to the player with only a 3.5 mm audio cable to transmit the highest quality sound. This cable is 2 meters long and works like a 2-way adapter that can both output and input audio. In this way, you don’t use two connectors to connect it to another laptop. In addition, the Lenovo P320+ Gaming Headset being a connector allows you to connect it to a wider range of devices such as mobile phones.

The quality of the
sound output of this headphone using the 40 mm driver is very good and plays the sound very close to reality. One of the important features of this headphone simulates the 3D sound simulation feature, which is very accurate and designed in a way that is one of the best choices for a headphone in the field of gaming. In fact, this accuracy in 3D performance helps you not to lose in any battle and track the footsteps and shots of enemies well.
The impedance of this headphone is 32 ohms, with a sensitivity of 32 dB and a frequency response range of 80 to 20,000 Hz, it forms a professional hardware.

Of course, if you are a fan of online games, you will understand the importance of the microphone, Lenovo has paid great attention to this issue and has provided a complete gaming package to the user with the Lenovo P320+ headphone. On the left side of this headphone, there is a microphone with a flexible design, which has high sound quality, and using the noise cancellation technology it has, it delivers your voice to your teammates at full speed and with high clarity.

Suitable for games, music, movies and…
Perhaps, after reading the description above and even seeing the name of the P320 plus headphones, you thought that these headphones are only suitable for gaming. But Lenovo has created a versatile headphone with the P320 Plus. If you are into music, movies, games, considering the capabilities of this headphone for sound output, it is definitely one of the best choices in front of you. Even if you want to have headphones for online